At CertiProf, we rely on Subject Matter Experts (SME) to provide industry expertise to develop and maintain our certifications. Input from IT professionals working in the field is crucial to us for the development of relevant and thought-provoking content.

If chosen to participate, the SME will work with our staff to create or review items associated with emerging technology certifications such as skills, best practices, and micro-credentials for IT, Business and Security professionals.

We always make sure our SMEs are acknowledged for their invaluable contributions, so any SME who participates will be provided a digital badge of SME status, press release noting their contributions and the option to become a keynote speaker, blog contributor and more!


  • You must have experience with applicable technology and tools according to the specific workshop requirements. It’s preferred, but not required, that the SME is CertiProf® certified.
  • During the development process, there are many meetings that the SME will attend, participation includes recognition of participation.
  • You must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Not all applicants will qualify.

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