Service Desk Leader Professional Certificate (SDLPC)

Certiprof Service Desk Leader professional certificate

Learning Objectives:

      Help Desk / Service Desk Rol
      Business Relationship Management
      Effective communication skills and competencies
      Problem solving
      Effective rapport and conflict management skills
      Effective process management
      Quality assurance activities
      Tools and technologies
      Culture – DevOps
      Agile Mindset
      Knowledge Management
      Process Adoption
      CSF,KPIs and OKRs
      Workforce Management
      Staff recruitment, retention and development
      Motivation, Rewards

Target Audience:

     The course is designed for both new and experienced Service Desk Leaders, team managers and supervisors.


     There are no formal prerequisites for this certification. It is strongly recommended that delegates have more than 3 years of experience within the Service Desk environment before attending this event.


      Course Type: Fundamentals
      Certification Code: SDLPC

Certification Exam:

      Format: Multiple choice
      Questions: 40
     Language: Spanish
      Duration: 60 minutes maximum
      Open book: No
      Delivery: This examination is available Online .
      Supervised: It will be at the Partner’s discretion


Service Desk is a primary IT service within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is intended to provide a Single Point of Contact (“SPOC”) to meet the communication needs of both users and IT staff. But also to satisfy both Customer and IT Provider objectives. “User” refers to the actual user of the service, while “Customer” refers to the entity that is paying for the service.

Based on international standards the Service Desk Leader Professional Certification is designed for existing and aspiring service desk leaders and supervisors who wish to develop their understanding of service desk management best practices and how to run effective support operations.

This certification verifies that the candidate has the knowledge of the practices and skills necessary to successfully lead, motivate and manage technical support teams to offer excellent customer service while strategically aligning with the needs of the business.

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