DevOps Essentials Professional Certificate (DEPC®)

Devops Essentials Professional Certificate Certiprof

Learning Objectives:

     Overview about DevOps
     History of DevOps
     The purpose of DevOps
     DevOps Introduction
     Definitions of DevOps
     What is DevOps
     What DevOps is not
     DevOps benefits
     Software Development Life Cycle
     Agile Software Development
     Continuous Integration
     DevOps Principles
     Acronym CAMS
     Roles and Responsibilities in DevOps
     Product Manager
     Organizational Challenges
     Configuration Management
     Continuous Delivery
     Continuous Integration
     DevOps and Agile
     DevOps and Scrum
     DevOps and ITSM (ITIL)
     DevOps Culture
     Incremental DevOps Adoption
     DevOps Tools (Overview)
     Cloud Platforms
     Current Report Analysis

Target Audience:

     This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in becoming a DevOps professional.


     There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.


     Course Type: Fundamentals
     Certification Code: DEPC®
     This course consists of lectures, exercises and discussions.

Certification Exam:

     Format: Multiple choice
     Questions: 40
     Language: English/Spanish/Portuguese.
     Pass Score: 24/40 or 60%
     Duration: 60 minutes maximum
     Open book: No
     Delivery: This examination is available Online .
     Supervised: It will be at the Partner’s discretion

DevOps Essentials Certiprof


DevOps is more than a technology or a tool set. DevOps is about people, processes and the right tools to make the life cycle of your application faster and more predictable.

DevOps Essentials explores the change in mindset and process from traditional approaches, even more, if the organization is not already embracing Agile principles.

The organization must adopt a collaborative approach that brings everyone involved in delivering together, not just Development and Operations. This certification provides an overview of DevOps core concepts.

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